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Prawo gospodarcze Legionowo


  • ongoing legal advice on current business matters
  • establishment and liquidation of companies
  • carrying out processes of mergers, divisions and transformations of enterprises
  • negotiations and preparation of agreements between partners
  • preparation and analysis of commercial contracts
  • designing and negotiating contracts between the parties in the field of all types of sales and service activities
  • preparation of corporate documents and legal services for company bodies
  • corporate audits and implementation of corporate governance principles
  • due diligence – legal analyses
  • drawing up internal regulations and company statutes
  • creating foundations and associations
  • representation of clients before common courts of all instances and the Supreme Court, as well as representation of clients in security and enforcement proceedings
Prawo karne w działalności gospodarczej


  • representation of entrepreneurs and managers in criminal proceedings at the stage of preparatory and court proceedings, including representation on the side of auxiliary prosecutors, as well as defense of the accused
  • handling cases related to economic crimes, in particular: crimes against companies and creditors (including mismanagement, acting to the detriment of creditors), financial fraud, bribery, money laundering as well as tax crimes and offenses
  • giving opinions on business decisions in terms of the risk of criminal liability
  • support in crisis management
  • conducting internal investigations to determine whether there have been irregularities within the organization
  • preparation of investigative audits
Restrukturyzacje i upadłości legionowo

Restructurings and bankruptcies

  • support for debtors and creditors at all stages of restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings
  • preparation of documents and analyzes with a view to opening court restructuring proceedings
  • comprehensive advice and representation in the course of court restructuring proceedings
  • advice on out-of-court restructuring: financing, employment, organizational, property or corporate restructuring
  • handling bankruptcy proceedings, both on the part of the debtor and the creditor
  • examination of the legal status of entrepreneurs in order to determine whether the enterprise has become insolvent
  • preparation of applications for declaration of bankruptcy
  • representation of debtors and creditors in the course of bankruptcy proceedings
  • defense of the debtor against the creditor’s petition for bankruptcy
  • handling cases related to the ruling on the ban on conducting business activity
  • handling cases related to consumer bankruptcy, in particular related to former members of company authorities and former entrepreneurs
Prawo pracy legionowo


  • ongoing legal services for employers
  • preparation of documentation in the field of establishing, terminating and changing the employment relationship
  • legal advice on individual and group dismissals
  • support in the area of employee remuneration and bonus systems
  • preparation of documentation regarding regulations and internal procedures and policies (e.g. anti-discrimination policies or the use of company property)
  • representation of employers as well as employees in court disputes
  • preparation of legal and employee audits
  • legal assistance in employing foreigners
  • support in matters related to ZUS, including during ZUS inspections
Nieruchomości i prawo budowlane legionowo


  • real estate due diligence
  • comprehensive legal support for the investment and construction process, including obtaining building permits
  • preparation and analysis of lease and tenancy agreements
  • full legal service in the acquisition of real estate and financing real estate transactions
  • representation of clients in disputes regarding the investment and construction process
  • legal advice for design companies, general contractors, subcontractors, investors and other participants in the construction process
Temida, windykacja należności legionowo


  • representation of clients at every stage of court, security and enforcement proceedings in order to recover debts
  • assistance in recovering funds through effective actions also against persons for whom debtors transfer assets
  • implementing additional safeguards for commercial transactions minimizing the risk of creditors’ failure to satisfy
Ochrona danych osobowych w legionowie, RODO legionowo


  • conducting an audit in terms of the required documentation and the technical and organizational security measures in place
  • implementation of an individual and comprehensive personal data protection system
  • training for employees and management on practical aspects and everyday application of the GDPR
  • acting as the Data Protection Officer
  • comprehensive advice during the ongoing operations of the company, as well as in the field of reporting breaches of personal data protection
  • client representation before competent authorities, including the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection
Mężczyzna liczy pieniądze, Compliance i procedury AML


  • supporting clients in implementing compliance systems and risk management programs
  • preparing and developing procedures, staff training and providing the management with the necessary information on minimizing the risk of violations in the company and limiting the negative effects of the events
  • development and implementation of AML procedures in order to fulfill the obligations arising from the Act on Counteracting Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing
  • preparation of legal audits in the field of AML procedures
  • identification of real beneficiaries and preparation of notifications and updates of real beneficiaries to the Central Register of Real Beneficiaries
  • conducting trainings and workshops on the implementation and application of AML procedures

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